Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amanda to Mom; Amanda to Dad 8-26-13

The reason we get two separate responses is because I (Donna) usually am composing my email to her late on Sunday night and by the time I'm half-way through John is asleep, and John usually uses his voice texting to compose his letters on his phone during commercials of "Longmire."

Dear Mom:
The mission is great. I got stared down by a skunk and have been working on a crazy big map for our area since we cover the entire stake for the singles ward. I love the ward, they are so pro-active on getting nonmember friends to activities. It's really encouraging since we don't have any investigators at the moment. We've been sharing an apartment with another set of sisters and its been loads of fun, but its 20 minutes out of our area and we already have a lot of driving we have to do in there without tacking on going back and forth for dinner. However I think we're going to start getting more dinners. We told the guys in the ward that they can't feed us unless they take us out or they have another girl there. We are now an excuse for a date ;D They tell the girls they offered to feed the Sister Missionaries but they can't do it unless the girl is there. Some guys have set up double dates already. ^-^ The ocean is beautiful everytime I look at it. I took a lot of pictures but I forgot my camera so I'll just have to send them to you next week. How is the medco thing going? I'll send you my perscription recipts this week. I hope there's money in my bank account because I'll be out of medication on thursday so I'll need to get a refill. Fortunately Dr. Vincent gave me 2 refills on the bottles. I love you Thank you for taking care of me.

Love Sister Park

PS. How is Johnny?

Dear Dad:
It's been crazy, I've been moved from an area where people would stop and listen to what we had to say, even if it was only for a moment, and now I'm in an area where we're lucky if we can give them a passalong card. We don't knock on doors, we just talk to whoever we see out and about. We're over just a single's ward now so anyone who's interested who's married or not between the ages of 19 and 35 we have to hand off to other missionaries. We've started to run into some real odd ones too. Fortunately our ward is fantastic and is really gungho on doing activities that will get their nonmember friends out there and interested. I haven't given a real lesson in almost 3 weeks and I miss it so much. I love teaching and when people just wave you by it's hard to keep up your spirits. but thats one thing that I am set on doing. keeping my spirits up. I'm trying to be happy no matter what and talk to everyone I see. Sometimes I fall short but Sister Wickham and I have agreed to start over this week and really go at it.I wish I had remembered my camera to send you some pictures. I'll send you some next week. I can't believe its already almost September! Time is flying so fast!! I love you so much! and I love reading your stories! I share them with my companion and my roommates all the time.

I love you and miss you loads!

Sister Park

Amanda to Mom 8-19-13 The new assignment

Just got white washed into a YSA ward in Del Mar. One investigator might have potential, but I haven't met her yet and the former investigator that we could find and still lived here isn't really all there. She's kind of a hippy and she just sort of floats.

But the craziest thing! One of the guys from my YSA in Park City, who we all thought had moved to Chicago, apparently moved into the Torrey Pines YSA two weeks ago, the ysa I just got transfered to! It's nice to have a friendly face.

I have to admit though, this place is beautiful. I'm taking pictures all the time. The only down side is the hills I have to run (I swear they're 85% angles), the mosquitoes, and the wildlife. We got stared down by a skunk last night just around the corner from our church! The owls we saw the other night were pretty epic though ;) Here are some pics of my new area.

I've just been transfered from the hottest part of the mission to right by the beach. I get to see the ocean every day! It is the most amazing thing! no matter how many times I see it, it's always beautiful :) I'm now in charge of a young single adult ward and I have no one to teach yet but my new companion and I are working super hard on changing that. this new change is going to be great!!!

8-12-13 - Amanda to Daddy

Note:  Some of her responses refer to John's recounting of his mission to her.

That's so cool! Did you go into Switzerland a lot? I don't envy the stair climbing. They didn't make you run a half hour every morning too did they ;P I wish we could have motor scooters, that would be so much fun!!! Why did they faze them out? Guess what, I'm being transfered. I'm leaving Murrieta tomorrow to get my new companion and new area. And funny thing, the other day, I reached into the back seat and grabbed the cd case and a little lizard ran out from underneath it! I think I accidently left the car door open one time and a lizard snuck into the car! It was awesome! We chased it out just because we didn't want it to get stuck anywhere and die, but I wish I'd had my camera with me so I could have grabbed a picture of it. It was only about 2 /2in long. And there's been a gorgious fog that settles in in the mornings so we get to go running in it. Tomorrow I'm going to take my camera and send you some pictures next week. The most amazing thing is that I saw a fog rainbow this morning! I'd never seen that before. The fog had arched itself into a perfect rainbow shape....Why do I never have my camera when I need it?!?!

I love you so much! Thank you for the mission story, I love it and I'm looking forward to hearing more.


8-5-13 - Short but sweet

By the way, P-day has been moved back to Monday. Nice to know that you wait till the last minute to email me ;P Love you.

Hey Dad, I was wondering if you could tell me more about your mission. I'm curious to know where it covered, your transportation, your prostilitizing styles...stuff like that. I didn't really ask before I left, but lately I've been wondering. And how are all of your projects coming along? I hear a lot from mom.......not that I don't love you, mom.....but I want to hear for you too.

Next week is transfers and I'm not really sure if I'll still be in Murrieta or if they'll move me somewhere else in the mission. It's going to be exciting to find out.

I love you SOOO much, I'll talk to you next week.

ps. by then I'll be 24 ^-^