Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amanda to Mom 8-19-13 The new assignment

Just got white washed into a YSA ward in Del Mar. One investigator might have potential, but I haven't met her yet and the former investigator that we could find and still lived here isn't really all there. She's kind of a hippy and she just sort of floats.

But the craziest thing! One of the guys from my YSA in Park City, who we all thought had moved to Chicago, apparently moved into the Torrey Pines YSA two weeks ago, the ysa I just got transfered to! It's nice to have a friendly face.

I have to admit though, this place is beautiful. I'm taking pictures all the time. The only down side is the hills I have to run (I swear they're 85% angles), the mosquitoes, and the wildlife. We got stared down by a skunk last night just around the corner from our church! The owls we saw the other night were pretty epic though ;) Here are some pics of my new area.

I've just been transfered from the hottest part of the mission to right by the beach. I get to see the ocean every day! It is the most amazing thing! no matter how many times I see it, it's always beautiful :) I'm now in charge of a young single adult ward and I have no one to teach yet but my new companion and I are working super hard on changing that. this new change is going to be great!!!

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