Monday, September 9, 2013

Amanda to Mom 9-9-13 - Spider hitched a ride!

Dear Mom and Dad...You had a raccoon in the house!!!! insane!!!! We had a spider attach itself to the back of our car and rode about 15 miles down the highway with us. We were amazed he lasted. We didn't find him till we got home.
We just moved into our new apartment on Saturday. Its amazing! Its half a mile from the ocean. All of the appliances are new and we have 3 closets, one of which you could fit a bed in. Plus this place is 7 minutes away from the church. Its great!!!
The man we met, his name is Park Larsen. Unfortunately we don't get to see him anymore because he's out of our area, it breaks my heart.
We had a great dinner with a member last week. He brought a friend and it wasn't until we started our lesson that he told us his friend wasn't a member. later that night he told us his friend was very impressed with us and like the lesson and wanted to meet with us again. He also bragged to the ward about us and encouraged them to invite their friends to meet with us.
We seem to be our ward's favorite sisters, because we are so enthusiastic and get involved with as much as we can. I'm just excited because we can go to the single's activities :) I love this ward so much though! It's so great!
We're doing a musical fireside on Sunday. I've got a solo. The song is so beautiful, I feel so privileged to sing it. I wish I had some new pictures but this week has been a little crazy so I'm short on pictures. But I'll work on getting more for you next week. I love you and I miss you.
Sister Park

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