Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Mom and Dad 11/18/13

Dear Mom and Dad:
I actually found a great copy of lizzie's healing on familysearch.org. I've been addicted to that website for the last couple of weeks. I'm really glad that they have us working on this because its making me look back on who my family is and what they've done. Someone on the Card side posted a small story about Parkee and a lot of people have uploaded pictures. It's so much fun to go digging around on there!
Mom, may I reserve doing some of grandma henry's ordinances? Or would you like to do those for her?
I asked a member in the ward to play "Mary's Prayer" for me. when she saw that there were vocals she insisted that I sing along. You've created a beautiful masterpiece mom. I love the accompinament. It's really nice to remember where it was when we were working on it and to hear it now. You're truly amazing mom! Sister Christensen, the lady who played it, was really impressed and loved it :)
This last we has been amazing. I've been opening up more and contacting more people. I've also been working on loving my companion and seeing around all of the little things that bug me. And I've also realized that sometimes she says things, and even though they sound harsh, she's really trying to be helpful. I'm trying to make sure I stay possitive, because when I don't I've noticed that I get super depressed. We actually had a lot of success this week. We have 4 new investigators and 2 great potential investigators. 2 of our new investigators are brother and sister and their parents are less active but the kids really know what we're talking about and they have a great spirit about them and a desire to learn. One of our investigators was born catholic but now she attends a born again christian church and she likes to learn about other churches. we gave her a book of mormon to read. Our other new investigator, Jason, is friends with a member couple in the ward. He's a marine. We taught him yesterday, and we answered a lot of his questions, we also taught him the restoration. We made sure he understood what a commitment the church is and also how it can bless his life. He's deciding a baptismal date that he's comfortable with. One of the potentials is another marine. His girlfriend is a member and lives in Utah. He wanted to know exactly what it was she believed and he liked what he saw. he's attended 3 different lds churches but he decided to come back to ours and have us teach him since we were the first missionaries that he met. He's a really nice guy. The other potential is a member's neighbor. she's talked with her neighbor about the church a lot but now she wants us to come over and teach her what we know. She's a sweet lady and she has a cute little 3 year old daughter. This last week has just been full of miracles :).......and blistered feet. :P
I love you SO MUCH!!!!!! I'll see you in a year and a day!
Love Sister Amanda Park

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