Sunday, June 23, 2013

First handwritten letter from Sister Park!

June 10-12-14-15, 2013
You wouldn't believe the things that I've experienced since coing to the MTC! My heart has been filled with the spirit multiple times in the last few days. The most amazing one was the moment in our district meeting when we were reading about the return of the prophets to the earth and how we have a modern day prophet. I walked out of the room because of home much I was crying. I've been asking for months if Thomas S. Monson was really called to be a prophet of God and finally he answered and the joy I feel is immense. I'd listen to my companion, who'd been questioning whether or not she was really supposed to be here and I'd comfort her but I couldn't share my joy with her because it would always make her feel worse.I couldn't stop some of the tears of joy from spilling over though. Fortunately, she has finally chosed to stay and continue her mission after receiving a great blessing from our district leaders. It helped to strengthen my testimony too. I know for a fact that this what I'm supposed to be doing. The more I study, learn and practice, the more I feel the spirit and happiness fills my heart. It's been a week since I first got to the MTC, I can't believe it!
I have experienced so many changes and learned so much more then I ever thought possible in 7 days. I'm getting to know my district better and better and I realize how lucky I am that we are all going to the same place. It means we will get to see eachother every now and then and might even be companions. I'd like to see the elders out there too, because now that we've broken through their shells they make each class and every meal an adventure. :)
Last night (tuesday) was EPIC!!!!! It was the first time that they've ever had an MTC devotional outside of the MTC. There were over 2,000 missionaries in the marriot center. The music was great and Elder Mervyn B. Arnold of the quoram of the seventy and his wife shared such amazing talks. I got so much out of each of them plus I got to be ground floor so when we were leaving I go to shake Elder Arnolds hand and Sister Arnold gave me a hug. I know it sounds corny but I haven't met a General Authority before so I thoughtit was the coolest thing. As everyone was walking back, one group would start singing and the rest of us would join in. So it was a mass of singing missionaries walking down the street.
We had infield orientation today (Friday), and I realized how much I am not prepared for talking to people on the streets. I'm sad because tomorrow one of our teachers is going to be gone so my companion and I don't have an "investigator" to teach, and we had just gotten "Rob" to commit to baptism. We won't get to talk to him again until monday just before we leave for California. The funny thing about my teacher, Brother Corbit, is his quirk. He always says "INTERESTING". One time, when I was kind of keeping track, he said it fifteen times in forty minutes! You would love my district. We all take care of each other and try to stay together throughout the day. We've got a lot of inside jokes now. Some are between all ten of us and some are just between the girls. All of us have phrases we say randomly now. "Roll Tide!" "Boom..SHAKALAKA!" "Holla!" and "INTERESTING". All of those came from either our teacher or one of the Elders. The Elders are wonderful to us. They joke around with us all the time and when we need it they drop the boy facade and give up beautiful blessings that are exactly what we need.
15th- I had the most amazing ecperiences today! My companion and I had to teach two people we knew nothing about. The first was practice in tracting. We knocked on the door and we had to try to get this guy who let us in to give us a drink to let us teach him. We eventually got him to promise to pray and to set up another appointment. The other one the guy was Jewish and he had talked with alot of christians and catholics so we had to try to teach him against those. What he knew about Mormons he had learned from South Park so we had to deal with that too. We talked about so much it was crazy. At the end he agreed to read the Book of Mormon and to pray and if he ended up believing in God he would be baptized. The things I've learned are fantastic! I can't believe I leave in 2 days! Tuesday I will be in California with a new companion and probably be out tracting or goint to appointments. No rest for the weary! I'm terrified! The last week has flown by so fast. By the time you get this I will be in Riverside, that's such a crazy thought!
Love, Sister Amanda Park
PS She would love to get some letters!!!!
Sister Amanda Park
5900 Grand Ave.
California Riverside Mission
Riverside, CA 92504

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