Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter from mission president

This just in from the Mission President:

Dear Brother and Sister Park:

We are so grateful to have Sister Amanda Jordan Park join us here in the California-Riverside Mission.  It was exciting to meet her at the airport.  I had the opportunity to interview your missionary and we were able to hear her testimony before having dinner together.  We have been impressed with her testimony and desire to serve.  It has been a privilege to get to know her.

Sister Park is now hard at work in her new area, the MURRIETA Zone with her companion, Sister Gemma Jean Grover.  Preparation day is Monday; most missionaries choose to email their family on that day.  We encourage you to write or email weekly as well.  Thank you for keeping your letters positive, uplifting and encouraging your daughter to work hard and take advantage of the time spent here in doing the work of the Lord.  You may also keep updated with our mission events by looking at our blog at:

As we visited with your daughter this is what she said about her family:  "They support me whole heartedly on my mission and they're super protective."

We look forward to a wonderful experience together with your missionary.  Thank you for preparing one worthy to serve.  May God continue to bless you.

Paul F. Smart, President
California Riverside Mission

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