Monday, June 24, 2013

Letters to my parents love Amanda!

John and I got individual letters from Amanda dated two days before she left.  The contents of my letter is as follows:

Mom (heart symbol)
Thank you for all your emails.  It's really nice to get a letter every day.  I'm sorry I couldn't reply to your emails.  I've been so busy i've had no rea time to write letters.  It took me a week to finish Jessica's letter.  I'm finally writing you two days before I leave for California....
Could you send me more stationery (Note:  I designed a simple "missionary" stationery for her), I went through mine fast writing notes to my district and my teachers.  You would like them, they're all amazing, supportive and comforting. 
I'm nervous about Tuesday because I'll get ther, I'll put down mybags and head out to the field.  Drop and go.  It's nerve wracking.  But to make it easier on myself I asked my District Leader to give me a blessing last night. I just need to make sure I'm ready for tomorrow night.....
Please give anyone who's helping me my intense gratitude.
I love you so much,
Sister Amanda Park,

On Tuesay, June 18, I got a call from the California-Riversiade medical person in charge of the girls from L-Z saying she was on her way to take Amanda and her new companion to their new home and needed to order her medicine.  She was sweet enough to take a picture of the girls for us and, on my request, gave Amanda a big hug.  In return, she texted me that Amanda hugged the phone!!!!


.........I love being your little girl, dancing on your shoes.....  and here's a sketch she made on the back of his letter!

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